All our classes are heated to an enjoyable 28 degrees with the latest technology in infrared heating.


Move. Breathe. Connect

Movement and breath. Remedy Flow is a vinyasa style of yoga where postures and breathe are linked together to create a dynamic moving meditation.  By connecting the body and mind to the present moment through movement and breath, real healing and transformation can start to occur in physical body and mind, this is where a deeper understanding of the true self can start to unfold.


Unwind. Recharge. Repair

The perfect union of Yin and Yang, this is a medium intensity class ideal for those who are newer to a yoga practice or prefer a little more alignment and instruction. Classes will begin by with some gentle flowing postures followed by a deeper stretch with more floor based restorative postures. The perfect remedy to unwind and recharge the batteries.


Mindful. Recovery. Release

A rejuvenating deep stretching class where postures are held for longer periods of time to unwind the body and mind. Suitable for all levels of student, this class is a Yin style of yoga it is the perfect complement to strength and high intensity training. Yin Yoga targets the fascial tissues and energetic system by holding particular postures for 3-5 minutes encouraging deep states of mental and physical release and relaxation.



A 60-minute toning class combining yoga and mat based pilates to strengthen and then release specific muscle groups.

Classes will begin with conditioning movements focussing on strengthening the pelvic floor muscle group and specific back muscles to achieve a strong and stable core. The second half of class will focus on deep stretching to help ease and release major muscle groups and soften the connective tissue using myofascial balls.

This combination class is open to all levels and is the perfect balance to help increase strength and improve circulation to release tight muscles.

Remedy Chill

A combination of Remedy Slow & a Yin class

Enjoy a soulful (approx. 30 minute) gentle slow flow followed by (approx. 30 minute) longer holds and stretches akin to a Yin class then finish the class with a guided yoga sleep (nidra) or meditation depending on the day. Very suitable to all levels. A lovely end to your working week!

Mindful. Recovery. Release