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Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Workshop

What is a vision board, and why do I need one?
It’s a powerful tool that helps you to get clear on your desires. It’s a large image board that you design in line with your souls desires, and life goals. Countless self help guru’s swear by these tools, and are part of the success for so many who are achieving their dreams. Working with a vision board will anchor you DAILY to your desires, and without it you may find yourself manifesting by default – agh! No the subconscious mind responds to symbols and images. Success? Yes!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the art of manifestation
  • Decode the law of attraction theory
  • Harness collective energy to make a powerful statement to the universe
  • Get clarity on what’s been sabotaging your total success
  • Make some magic as you set your energy to call in your dream life! (home/parter/job/etc!)

The power of numbers
Whenever we come together to do soul work we multiply the energy exponentially! Don’t do this work alone. Connect with soul tribe and learn the secrets to embodying and calling in your souls desires. Unlock the secrets to align your vibration to be ready to receive that which you desire. It’s so simple you’ll love it. This workshop is for those who are truly ready to claim and consciously co-create the life of their desires. Expect a day of healing, ritual and fun, as you gather in ritual to make a powerful statement to the universe. I am ready!

Date: Saturday 16th June 2018
Time: 11:30am – 4:30pm
Cost: $120 (Early bird, before 27th May 2018) – $140 (after 27/5/18)
* Gift certificates available *
Where: 15 Hallkeeper Lane, Moonee Ponds
(via Hall Street, follow signs down laneway to the purple door)

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